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sydney loan expert quits big bank to start his own mortgage broking business , so he can...

look clients in the eye, certian he is giving them the right lons for their needs...

My name is Alex Sperling, the founder of Pro Options. I got my first loan when I was an employee at a major bank. And the experience was terrible. No communication. No follow through. My wife and I were stressed we’d lose the house we were buying.

Over the next few years (while still working at that bank) I bought 7 investment properties. But I didn’t get the finance from the bank (I’d learned that lesson). Instead, I worked with a local mortgage broker.

I learned so much about finance that people started asking me for advice. And they urged me to become a finance manager with the bank. But I couldn’t. Because I know I’d be forced to ‘sell’ the small range of loans the bank offered, whether they were right for my clients or not.

So, I started my own mortgage broking business. And since then, I’ve built a team of experts who specialise in helping self-employed business owners…

…source, and structure better finance, optimised to maximise your borrowing capacity, and potentially save you thousands in interest and fees…

…so you can build your business, your wealth, and your lifestyle.

what is different about us?

Our guiding philosophy is simple (but sadly uncommon):

Get the best overall outcome for our clients.

Not just the lowest interest rate (although that’s obviously important). We go beyond the loan itself and ensure your financial structures are set up to get approved for more money, save tax, and keep your assets safe. That’s how we help you:

Save money… with a lower interest rate and fees
Save time… we do all the legwork and paperwork for you
Avoid mistakes… especially those that could harm your credit rating or expose your assets
Build your business… through fast access to affordable finance that enables you to take advantage of opportunities without eroding your margins or putting pressure on your cash flow
Grow your wealth… with financial structures that enable you to pay off debt, and boost your investments

What’s So Important About Financial Structures?

The wrong loan structure can…

  • Hamper your borrowing capacity (now and with future loans)
    Jeopardize your chance for loan approval
  • Damage your credit rating (making it harder to borrow in the future)
  • Leave your assets exposed

The right loan structure will…

  • Enable you to borrow more
  • Increase your approval success
  • Keep your credit rating safe
  • Protect your assets
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